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    Social Mobility Day

    Since I entered the legal profession 14 years ago, there have been many positive changes in recruitment processes with a view to improve equity and social mobility in the workplace. In the current market, firms are actively using data to learn new ways to level the playing field and asking recruiters to remove information from CVs that might trigger unconscious bias. Although steps are being taken, there is plenty of work to be done to in all areas of society.

    Social Mobility Awareness Day is an important initiative that aims to raise awareness about social mobility and promote equity for all individuals, regardless of their background. The theme for this year, #SpeakMore, encourages people to speak up and share their experiences, ideas, and solutions to advance social mobility.

    By embracing the #SpeakMore theme, individuals can contribute to the ongoing conversation about social mobility and engage in meaningful discussions. This theme emphasises the power of voices and encourages people from all walks of life to share their stories, perspectives, and insights.

    Here are a few ways you can participate and support the #SpeakMore theme on Social Mobility Awareness Day:

    1. Share your story: Speak up and share your personal experiences related to social mobility. By sharing your journey, challenges, and achievements, you can inspire others and raise awareness about the barriers and opportunities for social mobility.
    2. Engage in conversations: Participate in discussions, both online and offline, about social mobility. Join forums, social media platforms, or local events to share your thoughts, ideas, and solutions for promoting social mobility. Encourage others to join the conversation and amplify diverse voices.
    3. Advocate for change: Use your voice to advocate for policies and initiatives that promote social mobility. Speak out about the importance of equal access to education, employment opportunities, affordable housing, and other factors that impact social mobility. Contact local representatives or organizations working in this field to express your concerns and suggestions.
    4. Support organizations and initiatives: Research and identify organizations or initiatives that are dedicated to promoting social mobility. Consider supporting them through volunteering, donations, or spreading awareness about their work. By supporting these organizations, you contribute to their efforts in creating a more equitable society.
    5. Educate yourself and others: Take the time to educate yourself about social mobility issues, statistics, and research. Share this information with others to raise awareness and foster understanding. Encourage others to learn about the challenges faced by individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and the importance of creating pathways for social mobility.


    Remember, the power of #SpeakMore lies in the collective voice of individuals striving for positive change. Together, we can work towards a more inclusive society that provides equity for everyone, regardless of their social or economic background.



    Caroline Dunn


    I am a non-practicing Solicitor with 14 years of experience in the industry. Having qualified in 2012, I have worked for a number of top tier National and International firm, with experience working on high profile and complex cases. I have built up a great network of legal professionals and…