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    International Women’s Day Q&A with Hazel Madden

    This International Women’s Day we interviewed Hazel Madden, Consultant on her biggest challenges, attracting more females into recruitment and what she is grateful for.

    What are you grateful for?

    I am forever grateful for my children, family and good health.

    I am also grateful for my friends: I am not sure if it is by luck or design but all my friends are strong, professional, hilarious women and we rely on each other for support, humour, honest feedback with zero judgement.

    What have been your biggest challenges in your career to date?

    My biggest career challenge to date has definitely been becoming a parent and juggling work. Before I had my two young children I was a busy litigator in a law firm with complex cases, long hours, travel up and down the country and court deadlines/hearings coming out of my ears.….I loved it! Adding two little children into the mix definitely made work challenging as you are mentally and physically suddenly pulled in different directions. I have had to learn to reset boundaries and priorities in life.

    How is the future looking?

    I think the future is looking bright for women and I have always felt this way. In my personal and professional life I have always been surrounded by clever, talented, funny women who have never allowed themselves to be held back and have always been able to achieve dreams and success in life.

    How can we attract more females to work in recruitment?

    I think covid has, for some working parents, been a blessing in disguise. Before covid we were all expected to be in the office 9-5 and dropping children off at childcare early in the morning and not picking them up until 6, it’s a long day! It is now the norm for hybrid and flexible working in both law and recruitment.

    Having dealt with plenty of recruiters in my legal career, I didn’t have the best impression of them. They all seemed too pushy and trying to get me to take jobs that I didn’t want! However I learnt that Anakin Seal is a calm, grown up working environment and take a consultative approach to recruitment. My colleagues are all ex-lawyers and it was an easy transition for me from law across into recruitment particularly because of the flexibility the job allows me. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave the law but I am proud that I now have the right life v work balance for my situation at this precise time in my life.



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